Коронавирус в България и по света
Коронавирус в България и по света
С използването на сайта вие приемате, че използваме „бисквитки" за подобряване на преживяването, персонализиране на съдържанието и рекламите, и анализиране на трафика. Вижте нашата политика за бисквитките и декларацията за поверителност. ОK
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May you live in interesting times

Yiannis Manakos, Founder & CEO of Huts Group: We focus on client sales results rather than vanity or creativity for the sake of creativity

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The name Huts is a homage to a painting by Vincent Van Gogh with the same name. It depicts a beautiful serine green field with little huts scattered around. We chose the name to signify (and always remember) that in our short passage from life, we can be simple and nice while trying to be successful and happy, one not at the expense of the other.

It has been exactly 25 years since we established our group, The Huts Group in Bulgaria. A lot went down during this period in Bulgaria but what remained constant is the top quality of the services we offer as well as the top position of the group in the ranking of the biggest advertising and communication agencies.

The group consists of a few companies that offer services in all aspects of communications. The development of the group through the 25 years is a particularly interesting story, hence the title "May you live in interesting times":

It started off as a creative office called Huts Advertising and as a Marketing Consulting office, Huts Marketing. The year 1994 resembled a business Eldorado in Bulgaria, a time of upheaval and great hope at the same time. Many companies wanted to enter the market and many existing companies had no clue on how to market their products.

Multinational advertising agencies were gradually entering the country looking for partners and J Walter Thompson, the biggest American advertising agency in the world became our long standing partner.

In a highly competitive category Technopolis has a unique tone of voice and visual identity with the new series of TV commercials

In a highly competitive category Technopolis has a unique tone of voice and visual identity with the new series of TV commercials

[Huts JWT България]
So after we reached an agreement in 1995 we became HutsJWT, as our name implied. As the years passed by and the company was developing, BTL was added, then branding and packaging, then PR services, then media, digital changed everything, then video productions, then influencer and sports marketing. Currently we are into the process of renaming HutsJWT to Wunderman Thompson as Wunderman and J Walter Thompson merged earlier this year to form one of the biggest creative agencies in the world. See more at wundermanthompson.bg

Together with A1 we managed to achieve record levels of brand engagement in social media as well as excellent recognition of their wide portfolio of product and services

[Huts JWT България]

We are a religiously "clientcentric" group, meaning that we focus on client sales results rather than vanity, or another words we don’t practice "creativity for the sake of creativity". It is no accident nor a coincidence that apart from creativity awards we have collected many awards from clients’ side for servicing "efficiently with great ideas". In our Bulgarian office we have a global coordinator for KitKat and other confectionery products of Nestlé, as well as a regional coordinator for the campaigns of the US Embassy.

Together with the Sofia Ring Mall team we turned the mall in the best performing shopping center in digital marketing

[Huts JWT България]

Our client list is a "healthy" mix of multinational and local companies, most of them leaders in their fields, such as Nestlé, Shell, A1, Unilever, Sofia Ring Mall, Technopolis, US Embassy and many more. The services we offer vary per client and include strategic direction, creative and branding, TV and other traditional media buying, planning and evaluation, digital services, social media, productions of video for TV and digital usage as well as BTL services.

Apart from successful campaigns that sell products, what we do best is strategic combination of traditional and digital media that creates a seamless flow of "money well invested". With the special tools we have, we measure the effectiveness of media campaign by following eyeballs of consumers at the maximum levels of discounts. This allows advertisers to know at any given moment their "cost per set of eyeballs" in TV and digital combined. Our cooperation with Nestlé and Shell for more than 20 years and the daily communication with their global headquarters has given to us an unprecedented level of sophistication for local standards.

Together with the US Embassy we try to motivate Bulgarians to be more active citizens

Together with the US Embassy we try to motivate Bulgarians to be more active citizens

[Huts JWT България]
Our generation went through the biggest media landscape changes ever. In order to survive those changes we needed to adapt quickly and efficiently. That is why we embraced the change mentality very early and turned the constant change into evolution. We needed to employ great minds that could organise effectively the chaotic number of choices one can make to create impeccable strategic and media planning. We needed to employ great minds that could be in the edge of global trends while familiar with the local environment in order to create great communication. Over the past 25 years hundreds of people worked in Huts and all of them have contributed significantly one way or another in keeping us in the forefront of the Bulgarian market.
"We grow ambitious brands by delivering relevance and speed at the cross section of creative, technology and data. Today, more than ever, brands need partners that assume end-to-end responsibility to crack the increasingly complex media landscape."

Iliya lazarov, Chief Creative Officer at Wunderman Thompson Sofia

You may find us also in the list of "The Biggest Advertising Agencies in Bulgaria".

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Изданието е включено в абонаментния план Капитал PRO, но може да бъде закупено и самостоятелно тук.


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