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With the electronic payments rise more technology companies want to "bite off" the banks business

Digitalk 2015 will take place in May, 21-22, in Sofia Event Center    ©  Nadezhda Tchipeva
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Banks are no longer what they used to be. Or at least soon they will not be... According to Boston Consulting Group report the financial institutions are involved in $400 trillion transactions annually and about $1 trillion is the profit generated by fees and services. Along with the innovations growth in the electronic and "smart" payment systems more and more technological and other companies want to "bite off" from the business of the banks. From which consumers can only benefit... Digital payments will be among the main topics of this year's Technology Conference DigitalK 2015, which will be held on 21-22 May in Sofia Event Center organized by "Capital" and NEVEQ and LauncHUB funds.

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