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Just Like a Phoenix

The Danish entrepreneur Morten Lund has won million of investment projects such as Skype before losing everything but he still managed to rise from the ashes again just like a phoenix

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Всяка делнична вечер получавате трите най-четени статии от деня, заедно с още три, препоръчани от редакторите на "Капитал"

‘I am like Bob Geldof who might be not the best musician but knows the right people’. This is how the Danish investor Morten Lund humorously describes the reason behind his success during Digital K 2015. Certainly he knows what he is talking about – after all he has seen every little thing in the technology sector. Being one of the first and earliest investors in Skype and other successful companies he has won tens of millions dollars. Nowadays, Lund’s investments reap major successes again, he is travelling around the world and he is brave enough to speak openly not only for his achievements but also for his failures.

During the conduct of Digital K in 2015, Lund has been chased by all types of Bulgarian entrepreneurs who were interested to hear all his colorful stories as well as his opinion regarding their own projects. He is not trying to avoid a single conversation and even accepts the dialogue with the newly established technology managers as a mission. ‘When some ‘weird’ people came to Denmark to talk about Internet in the 90s, I used to pursue them in a similar way’ – recalls the investor.

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