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The Bulgarian entrepreneurs who have established their own companies in the Silicon Valley are becoming more and more

Bogomil Balkanski, an entrepreneur and a lecturer of DigitalK for "Capital Weekly"

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Всяка делнична вечер получавате трите най-четени статии от деня, заедно с още три, препоръчани от редакторите на "Капитал"

Bogomil Balkanski has spent almost his entire professional career working in the Silicon Valley. Currently, he is working for the startup company Bebop located in San Francisco. At the moment the startup still proves to be in a "silent regime". Prior to commencing his entrepreneurship career, Bogomil occupied the position of a major executive director in VMware USA and played a key role in creating the main virtualization product for the American company, which in fact has turned into a standard for every data centre. Bogomil was also guest lecturer of this year’s edition of the technology conference DigitalK organised by "Capital" and took place between 21 and 22 May in Sofia Event Centre.

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