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    Почина Анита Родик, създателката на Body Shop

    Dame Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop and one of the earliest ethical beauty and environmental campaigners, has died. It is being reported that Roddick died of a brain hemorrhage aged 64. She had been suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, a condition she developed as a result of contracting Hepatitis C.

    The former teacher opened the first Body Shop in Brighton, UK in 1976 . By the time it was sold to L'Oreal in 2006, The Body Shop was viewed by the British public as one of the most trusted brands. Roddick seemed to be able to balance environmental and social radicalism with commercial success.

    From Brand Republic:

    The shop was an instant success and she later said the distinctive green colour the shops were painted in was chosen because it was the only paint that would cover the damp, mouldy walls.

    Her idea chimed with a growing green consciousness and in 1984, when Body Shop was floated on the London Stock Exchange, it was valued at £8m, but that rapidly rose to £300m.

    She once said: "The original Body Shop was a series of brilliant accidents. It had a great smell, it had a funky name... It was incredibly sensuous. We recycled everything, not because we were environmentally friendly, but because we didn't have enough bottles."

    In 2000, she stepped down from The Body Shop to focus on political campaigning and said at the time she wanted to attack the position of the World Trade Organisation and multinational companies, as well as "blowing up the armament industry".

    From The Body Shop tribute to Roddick:

    "All of us in The Body Shop family are deeply shocked and saddened to hear the news about Anita's passing away. Anita was not only our Founder but she was also the heart and passion of The Body Shop and with her we achieved so much, whether on animal rights, human rights, Community Trade, or through the founding of organisations like Children on the Edge. It is no exaggeration to say that she changed the world of business with her campaigns for social and environmental responsibility. But for everyone who knew Anita, it was about much more than that: you couldn't help but be inspired by her love of life, her vision of the world and her passion for changing it. Anita leaves us with an enduring legacy which will long guide the affairs of The Body Shop. Our heartfelt condolences are with the Roddick family at this sad time."

    Adrian Bellamy
    Chairman, The Body Shop

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