Meeting of the business in Veliko Tarnovo and the region

Meeting of the business in Veliko Tarnovo and the region

The event

Capital Cities is a platform for discussion of the development of local economies on the main regions of Bulgaria.

The purpose of the Meeting of the Business in Veliko Turnovo and in the region is to introduce the projects, challenges, and accomplishments as well as to create an opportunity for beneficial discussion between the most dynamic companies.

Topics of the discussion
-Business climate in the region: infrastructure and labor market
-The role of the EU cohesion policy in the development of the city
-Do the cities in the region communicate and how can they benefit from that
-Veliko Tarnovo as a center for the IT and outsourcing industry
-Potential partnerships between companies as well as schools
-Urban environment or what can attract young and educated people in the region

When and where
14th November 2019, Hotel "Premier Veliko Tarnovo", Tsarevets Hall

The event includes a coffee break and business lunch. There is no participation fee, but a registration in advance is required. It can be done here

The discussion begins at 10.00.