Meeting of the business in Stara Zagora and the region

Meeting of the business in Stara Zagora and the region

The event

Capital Cities is a platform for discussion of the development of local economies on the main regions of Bulgaria.

The purpose of the Meeting of the Business in Stara Zagora and the region is to introduce the projects, challenges, and accomplishments as well as to create an opportunity for beneficial discussion between the most dynamic companies.

The webinar will be held on June 18 from 10:00 online, on the Capital website, as well as on the Facebook page of the newspaper.

You can see a recording of the event here

Topics of discussions

First panel
- Stara Zagora after the coronavirus crisis - situation and assessment. How business is involved
- How the local labour market has changed
- Did the crisis open opportunities for development and what are the good examples and practices
- The new business model of Stara Zagora: what is the vision of the local government
- The energy transition and the challenges for the regional economy

Second panel
- How will Stara Zagora change after the new General Development Plan
- How Stara Zagora is becoming a smarter and greener city
- Will the city get a creative neighbourhood

Guests of the meeting
Zhivko Todorov, Mayor of Stara Zagora Municipality
Dr Rumyana Grozeva, Executive Director of the Agency for Regional Economic Development - Stara Zagora and member of the database of the industrial zone "Zagore"
Ivan Tsankov, Executive Director of AES Bulgaria
Arch. Victoria Grozeva, Chief Architect, Stara Zagora Municipality
Arch. Martin Paskalev, design bureau "Structure Studio"

Todor Todorov
, editor, Capital Weekly
Mila Cherneva, journalist, Capital Weekly

The duration of the webinar is 2 (two) hours.

Participation is free but requires mandatory registration here.

You can ask your question in advance here.

After filling in the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email and a link to access the webinar. In case you do not receive such an email within 1 hour after registration, contact us at [email protected]

On the day of the webinar (June 18), you will receive a new, reminder email one hour before the event.

Target cities in 2020
Burgas - July
Varna - September
Plovdiv - November
Sliven - TBC


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Mila Cherneva, Capital Weekly
[email protected]

Event department
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Meeting of the business in Stara Zagora and the region

Meeting of the business in Stara Zagora and the region

18 June 2020

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