Bulgaria After COVID-19: McKinsey’s Perspective on the Economic Impact of the Crisis

Bulgaria After COVID-19: McKinsey’s Perspective on the Economic Impact of the Crisis

The event

What does every business need? Predictability and stability. While we can’t promise stability, we can deliver the key ingredient for any prediction – data.

Join us for a one-off unique webinar where the leading consultancy in the world –McKinsey & Co will present its data predictions for Bulgaria post-CoVid 19.

Which sectors will be most affected, how long will the downturn be, when to expect a recovery in Germany and the eurozone, what will the consumer sentiment be - all of those questions will be discussed with two of the experts involved in McKinsey report.

Andras Kadocsa, a partner in McKinsey from the Budapest office and Boris Georgiev, an associate consultant based in Copenhagen and lead of the team for Bulgaria report, will talk about their scenarios for the short- and medium-term recovery of the Bulgarian economy.

The host of the talk will be Ognyan Georgiev - a long-time editor of the economic section in “Capital”, ex-head of “Capital Cities”. He is back in Sofia from a year in Boston, where he spent some time in MIT as a Fulbright Research Fellow in the field of Urban studies and planning.

Who is this for
If you feel lost in today’s world and feel the need for more hard figures to base your business on, this is the webinar you want to attend.

The webinar will be much useful for owners and board members of various scale companies, decision-makers, government and local authorities, representatives of the financial and industry sectors.

The webinar will take place on June 9th at 3:00 p.m. EEST on Zoom.

The webinar is free for all Capital subscribers.  The free access code has been sent to the e-mail linked to your subscription.

A registration fee of 60 BGN applies to all non-subscribers.
Registration is required for everyone. 

NB! Video recording of the webinar will NOT be available due to internal restrictions at McKinsey & Co.

The webinar will be held in English and translation is not provided.

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Andras Kadocsa

Andras Kadocsa

Partner, McKinsey & Company

Boris Georgiev, Ph.D.

Boris Georgiev, Ph.D.

Associate consultant at McKinsey & Company

Ognyan Georgiev

Ognyan Georgiev

Editor, Capital Weekly


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