The Future of Work Summit: Leadership, Talent and Technologies
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Всеки петък икономически анализ и коментар на текущите събития от седмицата.
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The Future of Work Summit: Leadership, Talent and Technologies

The Future of Work Summit: Leadership, Talent and Technologies

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The pandemic and the following acceleration in digital transformation unlocked a tremendous transformation on how we will work in the future. We are entering a new era of organizational design, working process, and people management. Those changes require a different type of leadership, mindset, and infrastructure.

The Future of Work Summit has a solid track-record and since 2006 it is among the most prominent platforms for exchanging knowledge, experience, and best practices in the region. In line with the tectonic shift in the industry, the forum is grasping the wind of change and the forthcoming edition will focus even bolder to help and navigate the future-proof leaders. 
2020 brought fundamental challenges that many leaders have never faced before. Among unprecedented uncertainty at all levels, they started to realize that even the most successful companies today are
designed to operate by the old rules of management thinking and are not equipped to enter the future. The post-COVID-19 leaders’ agenda is already tasked with rethinking almost everything. On the other hand, this is a unique opportunity for CEOs and Founders to redefine the very nature of work, employee engagement, and how organizations function so they can better serve each stakeholder.
Talent people have always been the most precious asset of every enterprise. One positive side of the pandemic is that roles, structure, and geographical boundaries haven't got the same meaning as before. Thanks to technological innovations the human power can be braced from almost everywhere and more and more businesses are expanding their talent networks outside of the organizations. The future belongs to the open talent economy and the new global talent ecosystems are
already reshaping the traditional ways of managing. The Dream Team of a company will have a strong focus on actual projects and will include ‘borrowed’ and freelance talents who don’t belong to the core of the company but are part of its value chain.
Digitalization is radically changing how and where we work, the way we communicate and collaborate. It will continue to determine our working environment over the next decades. AI and automation are progressing faster than we ever thought. The rise of the digital workplace is transforming the physical office into a place whose role is to stimulate interaction, socialization, and human connections. 9-to-5 office-centric work is orthodoxy. Embracing and optimizing flexible work will be strategic for a great number of businesses over the next years. What would be really needed in your Future of work digital toolkit?
  • The Future of Work, the Hybrid Workplace and the New Worklife
  • The Open Talent Economy on the Rise
  • The New Role of the HR Manager
  • Key Skills for Leading Remote Teams
  • People Analytics, Data-driven HR and HR Tech Trends 
  • Building a Culture of Inclusion and Wellbeing in the Organization
FORMAT: HYBRID EVENT and Webinar Series


Future of Work Summit: Leadership, Talent & Technologies is coming with
  • Inspiring keynote talks
  • Comprehensive discussions
  • Practical sessions
  • Offline and online networking opportunities

The Future of Work Digital Discussion is a series of digital events preceding the annual conference and a valuable part of the Capital Future of Work Platform aiming to navigate the CEOs in those turbulent times.

Each webinar will present a top consultant or a business leader with deep expertise and will have a practical session with real cases and quality time for ideas and future-proof practices’ exchange.
Becoming a future-ready company and Remote Leadership

The changed concept of the office


Talent Economy and talent marketplace

*Dates to be announced soon

C-suite and senior managers, HR professionals, IT professionals, consulting companies, recruitment agencies, public administration, PR specialists, NGO

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Access to all parallel sessions and workshops - online
Access to online networking
Access to special offers from our partners
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