The Future of Work Summit: How to Lead, Care and Inspire remotely
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Абонирайте се за Капитал
The Future of Work Summit: How to Lead, Care and Inspire remotely

The Future of Work Summit: How to Lead, Care and Inspire remotely

Минало Капитал 2020 brought fundamental challenges that many leaders have never faced before. Online + Offline

The event

2020 brought fundamental challenges that many leaders have never faced before.

Among unprecedented uncertainty at all levels, they started to realize that even the most successful companies today are designed to operate by the old rules of management thinking and are not equipped to enter the future.

The post-COVID-19 leaders’ agenda is already tasked with rethinking almost everything. On the other hand, this is a unique opportunity for CEOs and Founders to redefine the very nature of work, employee engagement, and how organizations function so they can better serve each stakeholder.

How to Lead, Care and Inspire Remotely webinar is a part of The Future of Work event series. The series includes 3 masterclasses and digital discussions, preceding the Hybrid Conference on October 28.

Why attend
  • Access to exclusive and quality content
  • Increasing knowledge and competencies for the future of work
  • Opening to new perspectives in thinking about managing people and projects
  • Getting acquainted with good practices and real first-person cases of leading companies on the Bulgarian market
  • Opportunities to exchange ideas with C-level managers from leading regional companies
  • Networking
  • What the future of work looks like and how to secure high performance in the changing environment
  • Remote leadership: Key competencies to lead and inspire in turbulent times and turn the threats into opportunities
  •  Roles within the organization to facilitates the new ways of work
  • Top priorities that successful CEOs’ should put on their agenda
  • Remote work, employee engagement, and productivity
  • Motivating and inspiring remote teams  
  • Why wellbeing in the workplace matters and how to improve it
Upcoming in the event series
April 24
The Changed Concept of the Office
Kay Sargent, Senior Principal and Director of Global WorkPlace practice at HOK Group
September (date to be announced soon)
The New Talent Economy
October 28
The Future of Work Summit
Hybrid Event
Special Guest Dan Schawbel, Managing Partner of Workspace Intelligence, workplace researcher, career expert, and New York Times bestselling author

Registration: 120 BGN (incl.VAT)

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Wayne Turmel

Wayne Turmel

Co-Founder Remote Leadership Institute

Milena Karailieva

Milena Karailieva

Chief Human Resources Officer of Kaufland Bulgaria

Evelina Tsoneva

Evelina Tsoneva

Talent Manager at Telenor Bulgaria

Stela Ouzounova

Stela Ouzounova

Principal at Boyden Bulgaria

Sandra Santos

Sandra Santos

CEO and Board Member, BA Glass

George Margonis

George Margonis

General Manager, Philip Morris Bulgaria



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