The Future of Work Summit: The Changed Concept of the Office
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Всеки петък икономически анализ и коментар на текущите събития от седмицата.
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The Future of Work Summit: The Changed Concept of the Office

The Future of Work Summit: The Changed Concept of the Office

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The event

Digitalization is radically changing how and where we work, the way we communicate and collaborate. It will continue to determine our working environment over the next decades. AI and automation are progressing faster than we ever thought.

The rise of the digital workplace is transforming the physical office into a place which role is to stimulate interaction, socialization, and human connections. 9-to-5 office-centric work is orthodoxy. Embracing and optimizing the flexible work will be strategic for a great number of businesses over the next years.

Furthermore, COVID-19 forced people to change their work behavior in a dramatic way and it will continue to determine how we interact.
If we return to the workplace, we will have to rethink how we engage with space and how we interact with each other.

Adding that too is the fact that we have watched as industry after industry has disrupted and forced to evolve during the past several years. In the future, we need to create environments that can help accommodate all and address both physical and social challenges we are now faced with.
The Changed Concept of the Office webinar is a part of The Future of Work event series. The series includes 3 masterclasses and digital discussions preceding the Hybrid Conference on October 28.

Why attend
  • Access to exclusive and quality content
  • Increasing knowledge and competencies for the future of work
  • Opening to new perspectives in thinking about managing people and projects and places
  • Getting acquainted with good practices and real first-person cases of leading companies on the Bulgarian market
  • Opportunities to exchange ideas with C-level managers from leading regional companies
  • Networking
  • Reimagine the office as a process, not a place
  • The new way of where and how the business gets done
  • Factors to address beyond “returning to the office”
  • Real estate strategies for the new working era
  • Technology tools

Registration: 120 BGN (incl.VAT)

Capital Karieri will present its latest survey results, which will reveal how remote work affects the employees. 

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Special Guest Dan Schawbel, Managing Partner of Workspace Intelligence, workplace researcher, career expert, and New York Times bestselling author
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Kay Sargent

Kay Sargent

Director of HOK's global WorkPlace practice

Anna Gabrovska

Anna Gabrovska

People & Culture Country Manager, Philip Morris

Verka Petkova

Verka Petkova

Partner and Director Business Development, Colliers Bulgaria

Tsvetomir Pavlov

Tsvetomir Pavlov

Founder Cache Atelier

Robert Gheorghiu

Robert Gheorghiu

Business consultant for Document solutions at Canon CEE

Gergana Dimitrova

Gergana Dimitrova

Manager Corporate Communications and CSR at Kaufland Bulgaria

Sirma Penkova

Sirma Penkova

Journalist, Capital Weekly

Zornitsa Stoilova

Zornitsa Stoilova

Journalist, Capital Weekly



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