Business meeting in Stara Zagora and Haskovo
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Всеки петък икономически анализ и коментар на текущите събития от седмицата.
Съдържанието е организирано в три области, за които Капитал е полезен:

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K3 Моят капитал (лични финанси, свободно време, образование, извън бизнеса).

Абонирайте се за Капитал
Business meeting in Stara Zagora and Haskovo

Business meeting in Stara Zagora and Haskovo

Предстоящо Капитал Business meeting in Stara Zagora and Haskovo Online + Offline

The event

Capital Cities is a platform for discussions on the development of local economies and important urban centers in Bulgaria. It consists of a series of special regional publications and discussions with business and local government.

The event "Meeting of the business in Stara Zagora and Haskovo" will be held on May 20th, 2021, online, live on the Youtube channel of Capital, on Capital Live, as well as on the Facebook page of Capital.

Participation is free but requires mandatory registration here.

Topics of the meeting
  • What are the Stara Zagora and Haskovo municipalities' future plans
  • The voice of the private sector: challenges and solutions for the companies in the region
  • Smart and green: will Stara Zagora and Haskovo change and how
  • The new face of the energy sector


Radoslav Vulchev

Radoslav Vulchev

Domain Menada Manager

Yuri Katanov

Yuri Katanov

Executive Director of Toki Power and Member of the Board of Directors of Solarpro Holding


Institutional partner:

European Investment Bank

General Partners:

Philip Morris Bulgaria
Enery Element


Menada Winery

Partners of the "City Lovers" competition:

British Embassy
Together for our planet
"City Lovers" Competition


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Mila Cherneva, Capital Weekly

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Advertising - Nora Hadjiyska

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Event Department

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