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Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health in the Workplace

Предстоящо Капитал Mental health problems are not only affecting our lives, work, and relations but impact businesses through decreased productivity and profits. Online + Offline

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Mental health problems are not only affecting our lives, work, and relations but impact businesses through decreased productivity and profits. According to different researches, poor mental health may cost the economy nearly as much as physical health problems.

Since people spend most of their lifetime working, a fulfilling job significantly affects their general well-being. The job can be a source of purpose and direction, but it can also generate negativities.

It is well known that work-related stress causes poor health, lack of concentration, deviations in performance and decision-making difficulties. In 2019 WHO labeled burnout as an official medical condition. Depression and anxiety have a crucial economic impact, with a 1 trillion USD loss in productivity per year.
Moreover, preexisting mental health challenges worsen by the COVID-19 crises. The pandemic creates a mass feeling of uncertainty, making most workers, managers and business leaders concerned about their future working places, reduced hours and benefits, or wage cuts.

If the businesses don’t go in front of this developing mental health crisis, the consequences will be more and more visible in their results.
That’s why the awareness of mental health at the workplace is rising.

This field is becoming a high priority for the most prominent companies worldwide. The future workforce will expect employers to address mental health seriously and provide support and assistance. 

Creating workplace mental health policies will be an essential factor for positive work culture. The transparent and open conversation about it is the first step of adopting a better perspective on resilience.

The Mental Health at Work webinar is a part of The Future of Work event series. The series includes 3 masterclasses and digital discussions preceding the Hybrid Conference on October 28.
The webinar aims to present insights, practical advice and suggestions for effective workplace mental health strategies for business leaders and c-level executives.  

Why attend
  • Access to exclusive and quality content
  • Improving your leadership skills
  • Increasing knowledge and competencies for the future of work
  • Opening to new perspectives in thinking about managing people and projects and places
  • Getting acquainted with good practices and real first-person cases of leading companies on the Bulgarian market
  • Opportunities to exchange ideas with C-level managers from leading regional companies
  • Networking

  • Mental health in the post-COVID-19 era
  • The importance of building resilience
  • Mental health and the role of a manager
  • Ways to reduce work-related stress, depression, or anxiety
  • Performing under pressure
  • Helping teams to cope with uncertainty
  • Addressing conflicts
Registration: 120 BGN (incl.VAT)

Upcoming in the event series
October 28
The Future of Work Summit
Hybrid Event
Special Guest Dan Schawbel, Managing Partner of Workspace Intelligence, workplace researcher, career expert, and New York Times bestselling author

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Peter Diaz

Peter Diaz

CEO of the Workplace Mental Health Institute

Nelly Hristova

Nelly Hristova

Managing Partner, InManagement Ltd.

Slavy Stoev

Slavy Stoev

Psychologist, Partner in InManagement

Mila Valkova

Mila Valkova

Senior Recruitment and Employer Branding Manager at Kaufland Bulgaria

George Brashnarov

George Brashnarov

CEO of Nemetschek Bulgaria

Elena Colmenero

Elena Colmenero

Regional People & Culture Head EU, Philip Morris International

Sirma Penkova

Sirma Penkova

Journalist, Capital Weekly

Zornitsa Stoilova

Zornitsa Stoilova

Editorial director, The Recursive



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