Net Zero Economy Forum: Accelerating the transition

Net Zero Economy Forum: Accelerating the transition

The event

Net Zero Economy Forum organized by Capital aims to be the most robust local platform for ideas exchanging between the government and business leaders, public experts and investors, enabling a shared vision on transition and sustainable growth.

The second edition is going to be held in hybrid format, which combines both physical and virtual components. Speakers and audience can join in-person or online.


The pathway to net-zero by 2050 is narrow—and the evidence shows it already possesses an enormous challenge. 

It will require organizations and governments to dedicate themselves to fundamental, system-level change. Companies around the world will have to decarbonize their operations and business portfolios, ramp up production of climate technologies, apply new measures of corporate performance, and engage in thoughtful dialogue with investors and societies.

On the other hand, these challenges create an excellent opportunity to rethink the idea of economy and prosperity and innovate the entire economic cycle.

Advantages emerge at all levels, for instance, through innovation in energy management and digitalization, which drive decarbonization and resilience.

Now we need to accelerate the extensive system and infrastructural transformation that will not bypass a single organization, city or country in the future. 

Decarbonization of the planet also has a solid geopolitical context. Europe is on the clear path towards climate neutrality in 2050, but still, hard decisions need to be made. All this will directly affect the priorities in the Bulgarian political agenda. 

In 2022 the conference will focus on six key areas defining the most significant change levers. 
  • Bulgaria and the EU climate goals - policies, programs and projects
  • Enabling the clean energy transformation
  • The role of the industry in the net-zero economy
  • Climate-neutral transport and smart cities
  • Financing the transition
  • New business models for sustainable future
One-day Hybrid event
  • Keynote talks and discussion sessions
  • Business Case Studies 
  • Practical Workshops 
  • Fireside Chats 
  • Offline and Online Networking sessions
  • On-demand access to videos, event content, speakers and sponsors materials 
*The Hybrid event combines both physical and virtual components. Speakers and audiences can join, engage and interact in-person or online.

18 October 2022 

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Hybrid Ticket - 150 BGN /VAT incl./

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Ivan Velev

Ivan Velev

Portfolio Manager, ACT Commodities


30 BGN VAT included
Digital ticket
108 BGN VAT included
Premium Digital ticket
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Digital ticket
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Premium Digital ticket
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Unlimited on-demand access to extra content, speakers and sponsors materials
Registration deadline - October 17, 2022

Hybrid ticket
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Registration deadline - October 14, 2022


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