Innovation Thinking, for Brands & Retailers

Innovation Thinking, for Brands & Retailers

The event

Who is the workshop good for? 

Anyone who has an interest in emerging customer-focused technology and is looking to bring new ideas/thinking into their workplace.

What will you learn during this workshop? 

You will learn what new, emerging technologies you can bring into your businesses, what has worked for some retailers and brands and not for others, plus an idea of how to form an innovation roadmap.

<Emerging Technologies that Support Innovation and How They Affect Different Industries – Retail, FMCG, Finance
- Understand how retailers and brands are responding to next-level customer expectations
- Discover if we’re moving to a world of zero user interface
- Understand what role will augmented reality will play in our lives going forward
- Learn how brands are using voice technology as a form of customer engagement

<Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship and Open Innovation
- How to identify and classify an emerging technology
- Uncover market adoption challenges
- Understand how to organize your business to foster a culture of Innovation

<Innovation workshop
- Working in groups you will have a chance to develop an idea based on a mix of technologies and industries
- Go through a hands-on experience of applying innovation practices to new ideas at your company
- Develop your specific innovation metrics to drive new ideas in your company
- Obtain direct feedback from facilitators working with top brands and retailers

You will leave the session with a better understanding of these questions and an understanding of how to form an innovation roadmap.

Working language will be English.

Date and place:
16 February 2018
Sofia Event Center, Panorama Hall

Price: 400 BGN ( (VAT excl.)


Alex Hamilton

Alex Hamilton

Head of Insight, Isobar

Mustafa Rashid

Mustafa Rashid

Head of Emerging Technologies, Isobar


480 BGN VAT included
Participation fee


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Innovation Thinking, for Brands & Retailers

Innovation Thinking, for Brands & Retailers

16 February 2018

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