Bogomil Balkansky: Despite Covid-19, it's still a good time to be an entrepreneur

In the first episode of DIGITALK The Podcast the partner at Sequoia Capital talks about the big business trends emerging out of the crisis

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Всяка делнична вечер получавате трите най-четени статии от деня, заедно с още три, препоръчани от редакторите на "Капитал"

"I believe that better appreciation for the human connection is going to be one of the sustained benefits of having gone through this traumatic experience. Our lives in the last few months have been forced to be digital to the point that I personally find it harder and harder to stare at a ZOOM screen", says Bogomil Balkansky, partner at one of the largest venture capital groups in Silicon Valley Sequoia Capital and one of the key speakers at the 2020 DigitalK forum.

In the first episode of DigitalK The Podcast he talks about the big business trends that are emerging out of the coronavirus crisis and the long term benefits that we all can reap from the current situation. The podcast is a short series of conversations with different digital visionaries. They discuss big ideas and technologies that will shape the way we live and do business in the next few years.

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