Tatyana Mitkova: We're not just waiting for travel to come back

Claim Compass CEO on how can companies add value to their customers and the industry during this abrupt change

"The number of flights is shrinking, the winter is probably going to be even worse, but at the same time we have been experimenting with some other things that we can do for our customers. One thing that has been really important to us is to continuously talk to our customers and to try to follow the industry trends and to be a company that actually adds value to what's happening, not just a company that waits for travel to come back."

In the third episode of DIGITALK The Podcast the co-founder and CEO of Claim Compass Tatyana Mitkova talks about the challenges ahead of the travel industry and how businesses like hers navigate those changes. ClaimCompass is a company that helps passengers save money when they travel and get compensated when their trip is disrupted.

"We've seen people for whom this has been the time to give up or start something in a completely different industry. For others it has been time to pivot or experiment with different ideas just because their previous business model is irrelevant", says Mitkova.

Tatyana Mitkova spoke at the DIGITALK event, which took place on the 15th and 16th of October, both physically in Sofia and virtually all over the world.

DIGITALK The Podcast is a short series of conversations with different digital visionaries. They discuss big ideas and technologies that will shape the way we live and do business in the next few years.

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