After the crisis we'll see more sustainable local businesses

Founder of Vitosha Ventures Max Gurvits and co-founder of "Nasekomo" Xavier Marcenac about the state of the start up ecosystem post COVID

How much time before business goes back to normal? How did the pandemic affect the startup ecosystem in Bulgaria? Are there any possible positive outcomes from the coronavirus crisis for the VC industry?

In this episode of DIGITALK The Podcast you'll hear two conversations about the state of the startup ecosystem post_COVID, recorded live at the DigitalK event. First up is Max Gurvits, founder of VC fund Vitosha Venture Partners, who thinks that after the crisis we'll see a more sustainable local business environment.

Next, you'll hear from the co-founder of the Bulgarian startup "Nasekomo" Xavier Marcenac, who wants to revolutionise the food industry and build the largest insect plant in the country.

DIGITALK The Podcast is a short series of conversations with different digital visionaries. They discuss big ideas and technologies that will shape the way we live and do business in the next few years.

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