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Д-р Ким, лечителят

Лекар, не икономист, най-вероятно ще оглави Световната банка

Дали лекарският опит на Джим Йонг Ким ще му бъде достатъчен
Дали лекарският опит на Джим Йонг Ким ще му бъде достатъчен
Дали лекарският опит на Джим Йонг Ким ще му бъде достатъчен    ©  reuters
Дали лекарският опит на Джим Йонг Ким ще му бъде достатъчен    ©  reuters

Изненадваща – така с една дума може да се определи номинацията на американския президент Барак Обама за следващия президент на Световната банка. Джим Йонг Ким, който вероятно ще наследи Робърт Зелик на поста в края на юни, е лекар, не икономист, финансист или човек с политически и дипломатически опит. Той дори не присъстваше сред най-често спряганите имена в медиите за ръководната длъжност на водещата институция, оказваща помощ на бедните и развиващи се страни в света.

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    What developed European Countries are doing with new technologies to the rest

    The Converging Technologies (mind control) place substantial threats for Less-Technologically-Developed-Countries. They may bring to disparities in economic growth and wealth distribution. With implanted devices with transmitters to a state wireless network such as TETRA or a commercial one of telecoms, people can be controlled by advanced countries from distance with economic and political demands. The devices should be connected for example to the nerves and through them, the brain teaches itself to recognize the signal form camera or other sound waives. Experiments show that when connected to a camera, through the tongue, the brain teaches itself to see for 20 minutes and many parts of the brain are capable of the same, further there are waives in the brain but there is definitely a transmitter for another wavelength 400 or 800 MHz or other. MRI shows involuntary-implanted foreign bodies in my sinuses and the signals are coming from the same places. The written relates the EC and ECB and the European business to provoking crimes through mind-control of particular people in Governments, which can explain with better fit if something hidden and illegal is done in peripheral-countries crisis or CEE countries.

    The economics of this influence is through threatening and bribing, again supported with brain-brain communication, in some western universities to future leaders and business people of Less-Technologically-Developed-Countries . It covers topics like creation of banking and currency crises, and formation of monopolies and cartels in key industries such as banking, telecommunications, electricity.

    Once the advanced technologically countries have the ability to control people from less developed countries, they apply model of relationship with them. The most valuable are chosen, educated with scholarships, and proposed to take risks such as participation in corruption in the Governments, employment in cartels or financial institutions or generally forming a modern form of the old mafia organization, where the real organizers could not be established. One my friend received such a scholarship from a billionaire – Soros CEU (Central European University), and after serious threats and offers for bribes through converging technologies advancements and constant surveillance was pushed to participate in a Government with corruption – Bulgarian National Bank. Although s/he rejected, s/he established for a short period that there are people controlled in this manner, brain-brain communication, including participating in ECB initiatives and ECB employees. This fact led to bad credits of nearly 5 billions EUR, some of which probably to connected persons and threat for the banking system. S/he eventually chose to pay the “debt for the scholarship” with too much overtime in a telecom Mtel for several years – owned by Mobilkom Austria – Telekom Austria, again with threats if not inclined to participate in a cartel or the regulator of the sector and this is done on the wavelength of the telecom operator. Telekom Austria has been involved recently in the bribing case of the decade in Austria, which led to resignation of a former Chancellor, and the other telecom in Macedonia, Deutsche Telecom recently arranged a case for bribing the authorities. The same combination of telecoms- Austria Telekom and Deutsche Telekom is on the Bulgarian Market. This means that the European business is closely related to EC and ECB technologically and economically and they rely more on cartels in CEE than on innovation, that slows the economic development.

    With these considerations, it is important, either the international community to take reasonable fair actions, which is unlikely, or the Less-Technologically-Developed-Countries to invest in security and technological development, opposite to some implications of the models for Endogenous Economic Growth, which may suggest that reliance to foreign technologies may be beneficial. I would suggest that some big emerging countries such as China, Brazil, India and Russia might have made advancement in the field, among other sciences, and got competitive advantage due to defense, science, technology.

    Please comment actively with insightful ideas!

    follow me at twitter @georgi1016

    You can contact me at [email protected]

    People (established) involved in “mafia-like” organization in Bulgaria and Europe using converging technologies, with implant for mind-control:

    Georgi Parvanov – president

    Statti Stattev – governor BNB

    Kalin Hristov governor BNB

    Tzvetan Manchev- governor BNB

    Mariela Nenova BNB

    Andrei Vassivev BNB

    Grigor Stoevsky BNB CEU

    Kristina Karagyozova BNB CEU

    Tzvetan Tzalinski BNB

    Lajose Bokrose CEU

    Armin Falk CEU

    Rostowski CEU

    Hristo Valev CEU

    some CEU Students 2002-2004

    Austria Central Bank Representatives

    Angel Zaburtov

    Daniela Mihovska

    Andeas Majerhofer Mtel

    Zdravko Georgiev Mtel

    Van Poel Ghent University

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    daskal1 avatar :-|
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    Въпросът е принципен: да бъде назначена една от директорките която познава работата на банката или човек с принос, но тотално незапознат със сферата по политическа линия от администрацията на САЩ?

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    kkozarev avatar :-|
    Kamen Kozarev

    До коментар [#2] от "daskal1":

    Наистина е принципен въпросът. Дали да назначат някой със свеж поглед, с визия и идеи да подобри животът на бедните, или технократ от системата, който знае как стават нещата, и как да прави повече от същото. Аз лично съм принципно против, когато се търси подобрение на работата в подобни организации и съживяването им, да се избират хора от системата.

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