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The rating of the 200 most dynamic enterprises lists the 200 biggest Bulgarian companies whose financial data was collected in the process of preparing "Capital 100". The ordering is according to earnings growth in the last three financial years. The sector rating compares the average annual growth of the 10 biggest companies in any given sector (for some sectors, such as agriculture, the number is less than 10). The rating does not include companies which have radically changed their area of activity, for example in a new company; such as CEZ, EVN and Eurohold.

If the company horizon has stars, then the most dynamic firms' rating represents those that shine brightest. The 50 most dynamic Bulgarian companies (among the 200 biggest) have registered an average 62% leap in revenues, a result to be envied by all local and foreign corporations. Their performance is almost four times higher than the average for the "Capital 100" firms. Besides, the growth rate of the 50 most dynamic is sustainable as in the previous year their earnings had risen by some 50%. Last year the champion was a foreign company, Turkish Sisecam with its glass plants, this year the leader among the fastest growing enterprises is again a foreign company but from the textiles sector. The reason for the change is an investment of over 73.7 million levs which the Italian company E.Miroglio used for the construction of a new factory for textile manufacturing and dyeing in Yambol.

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